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Ring Creek Recreation Company Ltd., a Not For Profit Company,  the primary focus being recreation and economic development through management and improvment of recreational areas.  RCRC is currently working on improving the overall look and feel of the Cummings Lake Campground and Recreation area.  

With the clean up of the campground, adding new ideas and experiences at the campground, it is hoped to take the camping experience, to one of community, and safe enjoyment.  RCRC hopes to bring people from other areas,  making Fairview one of the places they come to, to enjoy their liesure time.  The campground is affordable allowing the campers to enjoy a dinner out, or a round of golf etc.

The spin off money spent in the Fairview area helps to keep a healthy economy, allowing the community to expand what they offer, which in turn will make Fairview the place to go! 

Ring Creek Recreation Company employs youth anually to help with the development of the Cummings Lake Campground and Reacreation Area.  With a great mentoring program, youth get a chance to learn many skills safely, gain confidence in their abilities, plus they gain an uderstanding of the importance of working towards a healthy eco system.

RCRC encourages the use of the park for educational experiences with schools and individuals, explaining and exploring the lake and the bush.  Helping youth to understand the healthy eco system wildlife require, and how we can assist the wildlife to achieve a place to live and thrive.



Tom and Dawn Spicer have been long time residents of the Fairview area. They started and ran local businesses with an objective of keeping money in the community, promoting a healthy local economy. The Spicers have employed many people over the years and are lucky to continue to enjoy these friendships that enrich their lives.

Currently Tom runs Peace Pieces Ranch, a fish hatchery that stocks licensed dugouts and ponds with beautiful Rainbow Trout.

Dawn is currently a Real Estate Professional with Re/max. 

Strong supporters of the community they chose to raise their family here, and continue to be actively involved in the community.

In the past Tom has helped to beautify the community through such acts as steaming the David Thompson Bible Camp buildings, helping with the restoration of the floors in community halls and museums, planting over 3000 trees on the Fairview Ski Hill, painting of the Towers at the Fairview Ski Hill, and donations made in some features,  materials and time towards some of the Snowboard terrain at the Fairview Ski Hill. 

Dawn was the founder of the Fairview Gymnastics Club in 1996 and ran it as head coach and organizer until 2013.  She was involved with the Fairview Minor Hockey for many years as team leader, coach, and parent liason, and was the Fairview Soccer Clubs registrar and treasurer for over 6 years. Dawn has also been involved with the 2004 Winter Games, 2010 Summer Games, 2011 55 Plus Games, 2012 Winter Games, and was the Executive Director of the Fairview College Students Association.


The Spicers are now taking their knowledge from these past endeavors, and their love for their community, to help spearhead this project with assistance from other like minded individuals.

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