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As a non for profit organization our primary goal is the betterment of the Cummings Lake and the beautiful campsite that accompanies it. We have plans to make the park into a better place for people to stop in and have a close experience with the out doors that is still friendly and local in the way it feels. We at RCRC are working tirelessly throughout the operational months to make this possible, however there are some things that we can't do. This is where we need your help, some of the equipment that we need is beyond our grasp. We are thankful for any contributions that are made to this cause and to ensure that the money that we receive does not go to waste, we provide a clear outline with all the things that will be done with anything we receive. As well as this we will also send out news letters to anyone that wishes to receive them covering in more detail what is being done at any time. 

Golf Carts ($6,000) 


Golf carts would allow our summer staff to traverse the park and trails to do maintenance or services all while keeping the disturbances to the visitors to a minimum. 


Zero Turn Mower ($4,500)

A zero turn lawn mower is an absolute necessity for upkeep of the park and playground area. This addition would reduce the time and costs of upkeep, all while making the park and playground look as beautiful as nature intended. 

Zero turn mower..jpg
Tree spade image.jpg

Tree Spade ($14,600)

A tree spade would allow us to move trees around in the area without harming the natural environment by deforesting the area. This would also allow us to remove trees and keep them  in safe storage if there are to many in an area, allowing us to assist the park in recovering from an infection or infestation that kills the natural tree population. 

Portable Cabins (Special donation.) 

Small portable cabins would make for an amazing stay out on the park. These luxury sites would become a must for people who are looking to just get away. They would provide extra revenue for the park that would be able to contribute to the upkeep costs. We would always accept monetary donations to help us purchase cabins that would go onto the site but we also offer other opportunities with Cabins. More information will be available in the future! 

Cabin picture.jpg
Gravel truck.jpg

Gravel Truck Use!

The use of a gravel truck would allow us to transport gravel into the park area to repair and fix roads, this will limit the potential damage to our campers equipment and vehicles. This quality of life improvement for anyone that comes to visit the campsite at all would make the area into a better place.

Backhoe use!

The use of a backhoe would allow us to quickly and easily remove unwanted brush, unclog drainage ditches, excavate areas, and quickly develop and refurbish camp sites.  All of these jobs would help reduce unwanted pest populations, increase visual appeal of the park, and reduce hazards to the wildlife and campers that choose to visit the park. 



As far as donations go we are willing to take anything that you have to offer. We can use things such as cabinets, chairs, all the way to broken machinery that we can fix up. We will put our talented student employees to work to find a use for anything that you would like to donate. If you have anything that you would like to donate to us, please feel free to send us an email at and we can discuss any donation options. 

Want to help in another way? Send us an email at telling us how you want to help!

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