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Redevelopment of Cummings Lake

Ring Creek Recreation Company Ltd. (RCRC)'s  goal is to make Cummings Lake a destination for people traveling to Alaska, as well as for a weekend retreat for people of the Peace Region.

We want to encourage individual families, youth groups, senior groups, and educational institutes to benefit from the environmental and recreational use.

Ring Creek Recreation Company Ltd. wants to build Cummings Lake into a recreational retreat, with a world class fishing experience.

To achieve our goal as a destination for people to travel to, improvements will be needed.

Currently under development.

-Creation of a Tuck Shop. 

-Canoe Rentals! 

-Removal of underbrush and dead trees. 

-Repairing damages that have happened to the park over the years. 

Future development plans.

Redevelop the unused beach area. 

-Make a secure campground area. 

-Create 12 water front lots

-Creation of "Legacy Lane"  

-Hosting local festivals to induce local participation.


Accomplishments of 2019!

- Reduction of Mosquito population. (making the sites and trails much better to be on) 

- Added 10,000 trout to the lake (Thanks to Spicer Farms!)

- Airation of the lake (Thanks to Spicer Farms!) 

- 31 swallow houses built and installed (Thanks to Home Hardware Building Supplies and the RCRC summer students!)

- Fresh gravel in stalls and in the outhouse areas (Thanks to the MD of Fairview and Beigel Oilfield!) 

-Widening of camp grounds by mulching underbrush (Thanks to Beigel Oilfield , RCRC Summer Students and Spicer Farms!) 

-Hosting our first festival, The Harvest Festival!

The success of this project will be achieved and made better with input from the public.  Please sign up to be a Friend of Cummings Lake, the more memberships we have the more we can show that this project is needed and wanted by the public at large.


Along the walking trails is a Gazebo that looks out over a body of water, making bird watching or just relaxing possible


A view of the lake

Oh Dear!
Oh Dear!

There are twins and triplet fawn's that can been seen each year

Kids Playground
Kids Playground

Playground is central in the park

Fall Day
Fall Day

The trails are an array of color in the fall


Fire pits in each camp site

" I'm so excited about the Park.  I can't wait to see the Changes!"

"I am so excited to be able to stay at the park for the whole season!"